Contact Lens Base Curve

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What do the letters BC mean on my contact lens prescription?

Contact Lens Base Curve

Base Curve, or BC, values range from about 8.0 to 9.5. The doctor fits the lens with the curvature most appropriate for your eye. Most disposable contact lenses come in several different base curve values. If your prescription does not contain a base curve value, this is likely because your brand of lens only comes in one base curve.
base curve values are a bit like clothes sizes - just because you are a base curve 8.6 in one brand of contact lenses doesn't mean you will be in another.



7/22/2006 8:03:21 PM
Charles said:

This does help, but does that mean that I can change the brand of contacts I'am using even though the base curve is different?

8/17/2007 8:57:02 AM
Stephanie said:

Yes, you can, but it is better to do so with a doctors advice.

9/10/2007 9:11:52 AM
georgia said:

i wear a contact with a 8.4 base curve can i also wear one with 8.6?


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