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How can I find the best price on contact lenses?

Comparison Shopping For Contact Lenses Online

One of the best ways to find the lowest prices for contact lenses online is through comparison shopping. There are many online resources available for comparing the prices of several different contact lens distributors. Using these resources can enable users to easily compare the prices of a specific type of contact lens offered by several different retailers. Make sure you have the phone number, address and prescription information from your eye care professional handy. The online site you order from should ask you for these details to verify your information before purchasing. If the company you choose to purchase from doesn't ask you for your doctor's name or address, be weary of ordering through that company.

Do I need a prescription to order contact lenses online?

Prescriptions Are Needed When Ordering Contact Lenses Online

A valid prescription is necessary when ordering contact lenses online. The definition for a valid prescription varies from state to state but most states require the prescription be written within 1-2 years of when it is filled. Some of the important information included on a contact lens prescription includes:

• Patient name

• Date of eye exam

• Contact information for eye care professional who wrote the prescription

• Power of the prescribed lenses

• Material or manufacturer of the prescribed lenses

• Base curve

• Diameter

Is it affordable to buy contact lenses from my eye doctor?

Purchasing Contact Lenses From an Eye Care Professional

In many cases, purchasing contact lenses from an eye doctor can be the most affordable option. Most people make the mistake of assuming this will not be the case and do not investigate the prices offered by their eye doctor when comparison shopping. Eye doctors often purchase large quantities of contact lenses and as a result they may receive discounted prices for these contacts. An eye doctor who is able to purchase discounted contact lenses may be able to offer lenses to his patient at a reduced price.

Is it safe to order contact lenses through direct mail catalogues?

Ordering Contact Lenses Through Direct Mail Catalogues

Ordering contact lenses through direct mail catalogues can be safe as long as the consumer exercises caution and common sense. When ordering contact lenses through a direct mail catalogue, the consumer should ensure he/she has a valid prescription from his eye care provider, the lenses received from the catalogue match the prescription in power, size and shape and the contact lenses received are not passed their expiration date.

What do I do if an online retailer sends me the wrong contact lens prescription?

Errors in Online Contact Lens Orders

Purchasing contact lenses online is relatively safe as long as a few precautions are taken. However, errors still occur and consumers should know how to deal with these problems. If the error is merely an honest mistake, contacting the distributor to inform them of the problem and returning the incorrect contact lenses may be all the consumer needs to do to remedy the problem and have the correct lenses reshipped. If the consumer believes he/she mistakenly purchased contact lenses from a distributor who is illegally selling contact lenses they should contact the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

How can I purchase contact lenses?

Methods For Purchasing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be purchased in a number of different ways. Some of the popular methods for purchasing contact lenses include:

• Through an eye doctor

• Online

• By phone

• By mail

Although all of these purchasing methods are valid, care should be taken to ensure the contact lenses you receive are the ones prescribed by your eye care professional.

Can I purchase contact lenses online?

Purchasing Contact Lenses Online

Purchasing contact lenses online is a viable option but consumers should be cautious when making their purchase. Verifying the reputation of the distributor will help to ensure the consumer is not scammed by the distributor. Additionally, the consumer should be vigilant in ensuring the product they receive is exactly the one prescribed by their eye doctor. This is important because an eye doctor incorporates a number of factors into writing a prescription and varying from this prescription can result in discomfort to the eye in minor cases and damage to the eye in more severe cases.

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