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What color contacts would be best for me?

Choosing Your Color Contacts

There is no way to know whether a particular color of contact lens will work for you without trying them on. Most doctor's offices have colored lenses available as trials. One popular type of colored lenses are Acuvue Color Contacts. Also, if you already wear Freshlook Colors, you can get a Free fashion trial set when you order your lenses.

What is the most natural looking colored contact?

Colorblends Contact Lenses

Freshlook Colorblends contacts are some of the most natural colors you can get in colored contacts. They aqchieve this by blending several different colors in patterns on the lens designed to imitate the natural colors of your eye.

Do colored contact lenses work on dark eyes?

Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

Colored contact lenses for people with dark eyes are called opaque contacts as opposed to enhancer tints which work only on light colored eyes. Year-long (daily wear and extended wear) opaque contacts are available in many different colors and shades but there is currently only one brand that offers a 2 week disposable opaque lens. Look for colored contacts labeled opaques.

Do I need a prescription if I want contacts to change my eye color?

Colored Contact Lenses & Prescriptions

If you are looking into buying colored contact lenses just to change your eye color you still need to be fitted for the lenses even if you don't need vision correction. This is because contact lenses are medical devices and wearing them can affect the health of your eyes. The fit includes measurements for diameter and base curve. Prescriptions are required for all contact lenses to keep your eyes healthy.

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