Contact Lenses VS. Lasik Surgery Tips

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What are alternatives for Lasik eye surgery?

Focus Night & Day Contact Lenses as a Lasik Surgery Alternative

Many individuals who need glasses look to laser surgery to correct their vision problems. Eager to throw away their glasses, many people rush into the decision to have laser surgery without considering other alternatives, such as contact lenses.

Before making such an important decision, you may want to consider other options to surgery such as the following:

Focus NIGHT & DAY Contact Lenses - revolutionary new contact lenses that can be worn continuously all day and all night for up to 30 nights-even while you sleep. Breakthroughs in vision technologies have resulted in new contact lens options that are far more comfortable and convenient to use than just a few years ago.

IN recent studies, up to 70% of people who had been considering LASIK, end up not having the surgery once they have tried the Focus Night & Day.

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