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Reducing the Risk of Extended Wear Lens Problems

Individuals who do not remove their lenses every night are at a great risk for complications such as eye infections. To reduce the risk of complications consider removing your lenses for a shot time every day or every few days and soaking them in a multipurpose cleaning solution.

What are the main brands of daily disposables?

Daily Disposable Brands

There are 3 main brands in the USA - Acuvue 1-day from Johnson & Johnson, Focus Dailies from Ciba Vision and Soflens 1-day from Bausch & Lomb. Ciba's lens is the cheapest, and most popular. Most people say its a pretty good lens, and this might be the one to ask your doctor about if you want to try daily disposables

What are the different types of disposable contact lenses?

Types of Disposable Contact Lenses

Dispoable contact lenses are becoming more and more advanced all the time. There are a few key types of disposable contact lenses available today. Disposable contact lenses come in a variety of wear cycles. There are daily disposable contacts, 1-2 week disposable contact lenses, and 1-3 month disposables contact lenses. You can choose from this range to suit your budget and your preference.
--Colored contact lenses can change or enhance your eye color. These lenses are available for dark and light eyes. Opaque contact lenses are for dark eyes, while enhancers are for light eyes.
Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism and have only recently begun to be available in disposable varieties at lower prices.
--RGP or oxygen permeable contact lenses are smaller and more rigid contact lenses that allow oxygen through.
--Bifocal contact lenses are great for those people who are both far-sighted and near-sighted. They allow you to throw away your reading glasses once and for all!

What are the advantages of daily disposable contacts?

Daily Disposable Contacts - Advantages

Daily disposable contact lenses are the most convenient of all contacts. The idea is you wear them for a day, then throw them away. Your life is much simpler - no cases, solutions, cleaning etc. However, daily disposables are more expensive. Even if you choose a discount internet retailer, you will likely spend over $300/year on these lenses. Still, if you can afford them this is the easiest and healthiest solution to your contact lens needs.

How do I choose which brand of disposable lenses to buy?

Disposable Contact Lenses

There are many brands and types of disposable contacts to choose from. It doesn't hurt to have a brand or two in mind when you visit your eye doctor. Focus Contact Lenses are a leading brand that offer great quality at reasonable prices. Biomedics contact lenses offer a more discounted lens. Acuvue 2 Contacts are one of the most popular lenses for normal daily disposables. Finally, if you are a bit more adventurous and have a little more to spend try Freshlook Colorblends. They cost a bit more, but they give your eyes a fresh look of color that you will fall in love with.

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