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UV Light Blocking Contacts

Ask your eye care professional about contact lenses to block UV light, particularly if you are at risk for cataracts or spend large amounts of time outdoors.


Contact Lens Disposal Schedule

There variety of lens types on the market today offer an array of disposal schedules to fit your needs. Lenses are most commonly disposed of daily, every week, every 2 weeks, monthly or every month. Make sure you know what your lenses disposal schedule is.


Contact Lens Discomfort

Protein and fat build up on soft lenses after a period of time. If you notice your contact lenses become uncomfortable after a certain amount of wear it means it is time to change your lenses. If you find you are changing your lenses too often talk to your eye care professional about changing your lenses, your wear schedule or your cleaning solution.


Contact Lens Materials

There are 3 basic types of contact lens materials: hard lenses, gas permeable lenses and soft lenses. Hard contact lenses are specailty lenses that are hardly ever prescribed today. Gas permeable contact lenses are small, rigid contacts that are excellent for individuals with astigmatism or very high prescriptions. Soft lenses, the most commonly prescribed lens, are flexible and generally the most comfortable type of lens for new contact lens wearers.


Reducing the Risk of Extended Wear Lens Problems

Individuals who do not remove their lenses every night are at a great risk for complications such as eye infections. To reduce the risk of complications consider removing your lenses for a shot time every day or every few days and soaking them in a multipurpose cleaning solution.


Lenses for Camping, Long Trips or Other Excursions

If you plan to go camping, take a long trip or have an adventure planned ask your doctor about daily disposable lenses. Typically sold in packs of 30 lenses, these contacts require no cleaning and are thrown out after each use. They are wonderful for a trip or excursion where you may not have the ability to maintain your regular contact lens hygiene.

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