Tear Duct Plugs for Dry Eye Relief

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Can tear duct plugs help reduce the effects of dry eyes?

Tear Duct Plugs for Dry Eye Relief

Tear duct plugs may help to reduce dry eyes in some patients. Dry eyes can make wearing contact lens very uncomfortable. One possible solution for alleviating the problem of dry eyes is temporary or permanent tear duct plugs. Plugging the tear ducts can prevent dryness by allowing the eye to retain more moisture. Temporary plugs, made of collagen, are usually used first to see if the patient experiences a benefit. If the patient reports increased moisture in the eye with no side effects the collagen plugs may be replaced by silicone plugs. The silicone tear duct plugs last longer than the collagen ones but they can be removed if necessary even though they are described as permanent plugs. Tear duct plugs are only prescribed and inserted from your eye care professional.



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