Contact Lens Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternatives for Lasik eye surgery?

How does the new Federal Contact Lenses Law affect me?

Do I need a prescription if I want contacts to change my eye color?

Can I swim with my contact lenses in?

Whats the difference between oxygen permeable (RGP) and soft lenses?

Do colored contact lenses work on dark eyes?

Do I have to change my 2-week disposables, if I wear them part-time?

What do the letters BC mean on my contact lens prescription?

Is a contact lens prescription different than a glasses prescription?

What do toric contact lenses do?

What are the different types of disposable contact lenses?

If my 2 week lenses are still comfortable can I continue wearing them?

Is it okay to sleep with my disposable contact lenses in?

I have bifocal reading glasses, are there disposable bifocal contacts?

Why do my contact lenses make my eyes dry at the end of the day?

Has my contact lens has rolled behind my eye?

What are the advantages of daily disposable contacts?

What are the main brands of daily disposables?

What are silicone hydrogel contact lenses?

Why are Silicone Hydrogels safe for longer periods of wear

What does Base Curve (BC) mean?

What is monovision?

Can I share my contacts with my friends

What is the difference between + and - powers on my prescription?

What are extended wear contacts?

What color contacts would be best for me?

What is Purilens and how does it work?

How do I tell if my contacts are inside out?

What is the most natural looking colored contact?

How long is a contact lens prescription good for?

Is it OK to wear my lenses for longer than my doctor recommends?

What are no-rub contact lens solutions?

Will my contacts protect my eyes from the sun?

Can I buy cat-eye or other costume contacts?

Do I need backup glasses if I wear my contacts all the time?

How do I choose which brand of disposable lenses to buy?

What is the most popular 1-2 week disposable lens?

Is there a special trick to get the contact lens in? It takes me about an hour to put the lens in. Once they are in, they are fine.

Can an eye with astigmatism be reshaped?

Can I wear contact lenses if I require bifocals?

Are there contact lenses which allow more oxygen to reach the eye?

Can I sleep while wearing contact lenses?

What should I do if I fall asleep while wearing contact lenses?

Can I purchase unusual contact lenses?

What types of contact lenses are available?

How can I save money while caring for my contact lenses?

I lose contact lenses often, is there anything I can do to prevent this?

How should I store my contact lenses?

Are there contact lens cases that are functional and fashionable?

How do I clean my contact lenses?

How can I take care of my contact lenses when I am traveling?

How can I be more comfortable when flying with contact lenses?

How can I control protein buildup if I wear extended wear contact lenses?

Should I be concerned about the effects of protein buildup on my contact lenses?

How do I know if I suffer from dry eyes while wearing my contact lenses?

What can I do to eliminate my problem of dry eyes?

How can I avoid tearing my soft contact lenses?

Can tear duct plugs help reduce the effects of dry eyes?

How can I prevent protein buildup on my contact lenses?

Can I develop an infection from wearing contact lenses?

What is giant papillary conjunctivitis and is it caused by wearing contact lenses?

Why have my contact lenses started hurting lately?

How can I minimize the risk of problems with my contact lenses?

What should I do if I think I have an eye infection?

Can I wear contact lenses if I have allergies?

Can I be allergic to my contact lenses?

What is fusarium keratitis?

What are the causes of fusarium keratitis?

How can I prevent fusarium keratitis?

What should health care providers do when they encounter a case of fusarium keratitis?

What should I do if I think I have fusarium keratitis?

How is fusarium keratitis treated?

Do contact lenses cause fusarium keratitis?

How much does an eye examination cost?

Do I need insurance to wear contact lenses?

Why do I have to pay extra for a contact lens fitting?

How expensive are contact lenses?

Are there any hidden costs in contact lenses?

Are contact lens cases expensive?

Can dry eyes make wearing contact lenses more expensive?

Can I wear contact lenses while swimming?

I am a triathlete; can I wear contact lenses while swimming?

Can I wear my contact lenses as long as I want?

Can I wear contact lenses if I work with chemicals?

How important is it to take care of contact lenses?

Can I wear contact lenses if I work in a dusty environment?

How do I clean my contact lenses?

How can I prevent mixing up my contact lenses?

Im afraid to put in contact lenses; is it hard to do?

How do I remove contact lenses?

Should I put on my makeup before or after I insert my soft contact lenses?

Can I use hairspray when wearing contact lenses?

Should I remove my contact lenses before or after I remove my makeup?

Can I wear my new contact lenses all day immediately after I purchase them?

How can I find the best price on contact lenses?

Can I purchase contact lenses online?

How can I purchase contact lenses?

Is it affordable to buy contact lenses from my eye doctor?

Is it safe to order contact lenses through direct mail catalogues?

Do I need a prescription to order contact lenses online?

What do I do if an online retailer sends me the wrong contact lens prescription?

Are hard contact lenses still used today?

Are soft contact lenses right for everyone?

Can I wear contact lenses if I have astigmatism?

Do I need a prescription for colored contacts?

Are there colored contacts which can improve my sports performance?

How important is permeability when it comes to contact lenses?

What is the difference between hard lenses and rigid semi-permeable lenses?

Recent Contact Lens Questions

Q. I have bad habits with my contacts. I wear them longer than the 30 recommended days and often sleep with them in (5 or 6 nights a week). I have been doing this for about a year. I was wondering how dangerous these practices really are. Am I causing damage to my eyes?
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Q. Do I use my eyeglass prescription to order contacts? Are they the same, or 2 different prescriptions?
Thinking of buying contacts :)
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Q. Is it appropriate to ware contact lens to play football ? Is it safe to my eyes ?
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Q. I wear disposable contacts and was wondering why there are letters on my contacts? And if it would be bad for my vision at all?
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Q. on a contact prescription, which is for the left eye and which is for the right. my prescription has OD -1.75 AND OS -1.50
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Q. I have my contact lenses sent to me in 3month batches. I have noticed on the batch I have just received that the base curve measurement on the left eye packet is 8.7 when it should be 8.3 like the right one. Will they be ok to wear? or should I get them changed?
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