Plus Powers & Minus Powers

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What is the difference between + and - powers on my prescription?

Plus Powers & Minus Powers

Your contact lens precription contains a parameter called power (or sphere). This is the vision correction applied by the contact lens. If you are far-sighted, this number will be positive, eg +1.5,. if you are near-sighted this number will be negative -, eg -2.5.



7/17/2006 9:29:30 AM
Rob said:

can u order contacts with a eye glass prescription?

4/25/2007 12:04:22 PM
Ismail said:

Actually, I believe far-sighted folks would have a positive number for correction.
My contact prescription is -6.5 and I am [quite] near-sighted B^)

12/1/2008 5:07:14 AM
Jessica said:

Ismail- you are absolutley correct, I fixed the tip accordingly =)


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