Contact Lenses and Triathlons

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I am a triathlete; can I wear contact lenses while swimming?

Contact Lenses and Triathlons

A triathlon is a sport that involves swimming, biking and running in succession. Generally, contact lenses are not recommended for swimming, and that can create difficulty for many triathletes who require vision correction. Prescription goggles are available but switching to glasses for the bike and run portion of the race can be cumbersome. If you're participating in a triathlon and need your contact lenses, talk with your eye care professional beforehand for a list of precautionary measures. He/she will tell you how to care for your lenses immediately after the race, and offer some suggestions on caring for sports lenses. Don't forget to pack an extra pair of lenses in your gear bag before the triathlon. In the event you lose a lens in the water, you'll want to replace it immediately so you can finish the race.



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