Controlling Protein Buildup with Extended Wear Contact Lenses

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How can I control protein buildup if I wear extended wear contact lenses?

Controlling Protein Buildup with Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Many who wear extended wear contact lenses are concerned with the issue of protein buildup. Fortunately for those who wear these contacts, there are methods for managing the buildup of protein that often results from wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time. Extended wear contact lenses are lenses which are able to be worn for a period of seven days and six nights. Although these requirements are considered permissible, wearing the contact lenses for shorter periods of time will help to prevent excessive protein build up. Limiting the use of extended wear contact lenses to three nights and alternating between extended wear contacts and daily contacts can keep protein buildup to a minimum. Talk to your eye care provider about extended wear lenses for proper ordering and maintenance.



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